The National Trust for Historic Preservation, concerned about continuing threats to main streets’ commercial architecture and aware of the need to stimulate economic activity in small-city downtown areas, established the Main Street Program. Since 1980, the Main Street Program has emerged across the country as a major force in downtown revitalization. There are over 900 participating cities, worldwide, with over 60 cities in Florida alone.

St. Cloud Main Street Program, which began in September 1999, is a comprehensive revitalization program designed to encourage ongoing economic development in conjunction with historic preservation. Our goal is to bring more recognition to our downtown and what it has to offer. We are a non-profit organization funded by sponsors, memberships, city and county governments and run by community volunteers.

Value Statement

The following numbers are values placed on projects and services rendered on behalf of the City of St. Cloud and the community at large. 

  • Facade Grants                                                     $386, 084.00

  • Technical Services                                                 $37,500.00

  • Public Relations                                                     $150,014.04

  • Promotional Events                                                 $1,074,608.67

  • Mural/Plaque Project                                             $24,800.00

  • Beautification Project                                              $55,000.00

    • Street furniture, landscape, light pole restoration, pole banners​

  • Veteran's Reflection Garden (without City contributions)  $28,817.00

  • Marker Funding                                                     $17,600.00

  • Volunteer Hours*                                         Value - $2,356,256.95

    • 134,926.16 x $18.40/8.05 (state standard)​​​​

                                                                   Subtotal - $4,591,754.41

                                                                    In Kind - $459,821.22

                                                                       Total - $5,051,575.63

*Volunteer Hours breakdown into the equivalent of 3.2 full time employees per year (based on average employee at 2,080 hours per year, at $18.40 state standard a $38,251 a year employee x 3.42 employees a year is $124,006.96 per year value.)

In closing, over the 20 years existence of Main Street the City has given $862, 500 in financial support. This results in a 17.09% return on investment. This may not include private donations or other grants over the same period of time. 

These numbers are reflective of hard numbers/values tracked and do not factor in the ancillary benefits associated with the projects, contributions indirectly benefiting the Main Street Program area and community at large such as local, state and national recognitions, business improvement and community pride associated with having a voice in their community. 


St. Cloud

Main Street



President: Rick Heuser

President Elect: Patti Loeding

Vice President: Melvin Liwag

Past President: Mel Welch

Secretary: Kerry Scott

Treasurer: Andy Pisciotto

Design: Jules Davidson Ross

Economic: Lori Giambrone

Organization: Mark Swartz

Promotions: Kolby Urban

City Liaison: Dave Askew

County Liaison: Fred Hawkins

Member at Large 1: David Reser

Member at Large 2: Adam Wagner

Member at Large 3: Tom Dorsey

Contact Us:

Office: (407) 498-0008



Visit us:
903 Pennsylvania Ave
St. Cloud, FL 34769

Patron Sponsors:
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