Designed to encourage ongoing economic development in conjunction with historic preservation.

St. Cloud Main Street, Inc.

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Membership Levels
Membership Levels



Organization Committee The organization committee, through hard work, has built a large number of memberships and continues to build our membership and recruits new volunteers. The organization committee is responsible for coordinating member events such as our annual membership meeting, board retreat, and our Breakfast with the Pros series, member recruiting meetings, grant opportunities and outreach.

Promotions Committee The promotions committee focuses on our special events such as: Redneck Gala; Smokin’ Blues, Boats, Bikes & BBQ; Veteran’s Dinner Salute and developing and implementing other projects. Our Hipstoric 3rd Friday series, which occurs the third Friday of every month, falls under the direction of the promotions committee. The promotions committee is also responsible for the development and delivery of the monthly newsletter and all downtown promotional activities. The Official City Flower and Buy Local campaigns fall under the promotions committee as well. All of these projects are a great way to bring our community together and offer fundraising opportunities.

Design Committee The design committee focuses on the aesthetics of our downtown and has completed many projects. An ongoing project would be the murals. There are a total of fifteen murals, which are placed on buildings throughout our program area. As murals are complete, we install a bronze historical plaque depicting the historic significance of each mural. Within the past few years, this committee has completed the original banners for our light poles, purchased benches, trash cans, planters and refurbished the light pols in downtown. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the banners, we have posters and postcards available for purchase in our office. The most recent projects include establishing in conjunction with the Economic Restructuring Committee a significant focus on Historic Preservation. The Design committee places emphasis on State Historic marker applications and was successful in achieving the goal of 2 in the first year, located at the VFW and Chamber of Commerce. They wrote the ordinance to adopt the Official City Flower: The Minerva Amaryllis.

Economic Reconstructing Committee
The economic reconstructing committee has offered merchants in our program area façade grants, and most recently, business assistance grants. An economic analysis was recently done by an outside consultant to give direction on the needs of our downtown. This committee works in tandem with the CRA and City Economic Development departments for improvements in the downtown district. The Historic Preservation focus has been on designation application for he National Registry. With assistance from a county grant, we are able to utilize social media and additional marketing to promote downtown and our activities

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Membership Levels


During the past sixteen years, St. Cloud Main Street Program has formed a successful Board of Directors, four key committees, and several sub committees. Over the years we as a non profit organization have built a large number of members, sponsors, and volunteers.