Designed to encourage ongoing economic development in conjunction with historic preservation.

St. Cloud Main Street, Inc.

What is St. Cloud Main Street? 

The St. Cloud Main Street Program was created by community leaders in the City of St. Cloud, to support and encourage the restoration, promotion, and maintenance of the historic character and viability of downtown St. Cloud for the enjoyment, benefit and education of residents and visitors. In addition, St. Cloud Main Street works to combat community deterioration and lessen the burdens of local government through its activities committed to the improvement and beautification of the St. Cloud neighborhoods. St. Cloud Main Street is committed to sponsoring programs that fulfill charitable and educational goals including historic preservation, community education, lessening the burden of local government, and combating community deterioration.


Historic Preservation 

The St. Cloud Main Street program area encompasses the St. Cloud Downtown Historic District, an area of St. Cloud bounded by Florida Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue and Eighth Street to Thirteenth Street, which was the original downtown center of the city when St. Cloud was founded by Union Civil War veterans in 1909. The St. Cloud downtown district has a total of 100 historic buildings and these buildings comprise 54% of all buildings in the area. The area is rich is historic homes and business properties dating back to the early 1900’s. Historic preservation will be facilitated in several ways. St. Cloud Main Street will provide design assistance to merchants and property owners in downtown St. Cloud to help ensure that exterior improvements, from renovation and rehabilitation projects to new construction, are compatible with the overall architectural character of the historic downtown commercial area, which consists of early 20th century buildings in Spanish Colonial and Mission styles. Particular attention will be paid to issues such as facades, signage, and exterior fixtures. Main Street will also ensure that local, state, and national expertise is available to assist property owners with renovation projects. For instance, St. Cloud Main Street will receive in-kind technical support from both Main Street Florida in Tallahassee and the National Main Street Center in Washington, D.C. In addition, a program also exists which seeks to educate St. Cloud property owners about the benefits and importance of preserving historic properties. These activities ensure the development of a streetscape, which is consistent with St. Cloud’s historic downtown and encourage higher standards for the maintenance of historic buildings. St. Cloud Main Street also has a program to provide improvement grants that will help foster the preservation and restoration of buildings within the historic districts. Rehabilitation work funded by this program is limited to exterior improvements for buildings within the historic districts and must comport with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Rehabilitation of Historic Properties. In this manner, the Main Street facade grant program will provide incentives for property owners to make exterior improvements that are compatible with the traditional character and architectural style of the downtown area, instead of being intrusions that undermine its overall historic character.